Frequently Asked Questions

1Why it is important for your business to have a website?
Before buying your service customers will try to gather the maximum information (price, quality of services, experience, etc...). Based on their findings this can be a critical decision making choice. Also a badly designed website will impede your performances and turn away potential customers.
2SEO is very important and only bigger agencies are effective?
In most cases, yes! But the advantage of a small agency like ours, is that we are able to dedicate time to personally know and try your service and products. We will communicate a lot with you, we will be your customer to understand things better.
3Wix, Square space, Wordpress or basic website builder fits your budget?
We will discuss this with you to accommodate our pricing. Despite the amount of effort, time and expertise we are putting into your project we are extremely inexpensive. Not only you're saving a lot of time by not playing around with those builders, but your online project is within the hands of web experts.
4Can I get some revenues with my websites?
Absolutely! Your website can be a source of additional income. Whether it is by selling products or services. But also customers can book and pay part or the full amount directly on the site. Obviously your website will bring you more customer so more money.
5How effectively can I manage my website's content?
We are not giving you a cookie-cutter solution, in accordance with you we are developing backend solutions that fit your needs. Your admin dashboard is fully featured and powerful yet beautiful and user friendly. Therefore, you do not need a technical background to navigate through it.
6I already have a website?
That is great!!! You know the importance of having an online presence. However, is your website is as efficient or converting lead i to customers? Let us audit your website, and tell you if improvements can be made.
7I have a strong social media presence?
Did you know that social media, in general, has the lowest conversion rate? Most people use them to kill time as it's so easy to create an account, the value of a business is lessened. Having a website is similar to having your store, instead of renting a space in a mall hailly
8Can you build a mobile app or hybrid applications?
Well, we develop hybrid applications/sites, not only your site is optimized for different screen sizes. But it takes advantage of your device of choice, mobile your site can send notifications, use the camera or touch control. One large screen you have more reading comfort.


Why customers loves us?

The Glamorous life was created with a simple goal in mind, help beauty professionals with their visibility online.

With ever-growing tools, platforms and competition is it a daunting task to run a business and promote yourself at the same time.

Our team experts from design to development to content writing will help in that process

Our agency offers state of the art website, competitive marketing services at low cost.

Key aspects of our websites, they look stunning on any device. They load instantly, our talented designers will ensure that aesthetic is always top-notch

Our developers stay on the cutting edge of software engineering, to offer you the best.

Focusing most of our efforts on local marketing we are able to get great results

Not only your site and services are easily found online.

we also promote your services to different local community groups



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